Karl LaPan

$682,000 in Duke Energy Grants Provide Economic Boost to Florida Communities

Duke Energy and the Duke Energy Foundation are investing $682,000 in grants to support 35 local economic development agencies and businesses dedicated to bringing new jobs and investment in Florida. This year’s funding will allow the University of Florida (UF Innovate | Accelerate) to identify and vet promising biotechnology businesses seeking to scale, with potential to relocate in the city of Gainesville and city of Alachua area.

Hack #10 | Adaptive Pivots Can Help You Stay Ahead of the Curve

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, the ability to adapt and make strategic pivots is essential for long-term success. Businesses often face challenges such as dry spells, economic uncertainties, and market corrections that necessitate a shift in strategies and operations. Let’s explore three key areas where businesses can pivot to navigate obstacles and growth effectively to stay ahead of the curve.

Hack #9| Entrepreneurship is Boundaryless

#9 Hack of The Week emphasizes the importance of collaboration, global networking, and embracing the entrepreneurial ecosystem to foster innovation and resilience. It highlights real-world examples, such as the rental umbrella service in Tokyo and the airport operations industry's successful recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic.

You’re More Than the Phone in Your Hand: Entrepreneurial Hack of the Week

In a world where technology reigns supreme, concerns about AI's threat to jobs and the erosion of human relationships have reached a tipping point. But what if there's a genius hack to strike the perfect balance? In this thought-provoking article, Karl LaPan, Director of UF Innovate Accelerate, unravels the intricate relationship between technology, AI, and our fundamental need for genuine human connection.

MLM Biologics Developing Wound Infection Prevention Device for Military

MLM Biologics Inc., a graduate company of Sid Martin Biotech, has been awarded nearly $1.5 million by the US Army to develop a device that prevents infection in battlefield wounds. The device will utilize MLM Biologic's collagen processing and stabilization technologies. The focus is on preventing infection in complex, traumatic injuries in austere environments. The company plans to incorporate their proprietary technologies and proven anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial components, with potential civilian use in the future.

A Founder’s Collaboration Skills May Be the Key to Success, Especially in Deep Tech

Accelerators like UF Innovate are crucial to the early-stage economy, and to innovation in the United States. It’s at places like these that new technologies can be brought to the market, including technologies that with a profound effect on people’s lives and health. One UF Innovate company, for instance, is MYOLYN, which makes therapy systems for people with neurological disorders and injuries, like multiple sclerosis or stroke.

From Fighting Shoplifting to Pioneering Gene Therapies, the Startups in This Accelerator Are on the Front Lines of “Super Creativity”

The startups within UF Innovate, as well as the accelerator itself, are vivid examples of what creativity and innovation expert James Taylor, based in Scotland, describes as SuperCreativity—a phenomenon that many business leaders are trying to foster in today’s fast-changing business environment. It is a concept that goes beyond creativity or innovation alone.