UF Scripps Inventor Portal

WELCOME TO YOUR NEW PORTAL. You will need to use your Gatorlink ID and password to log into the disclosure portal.

Welcome, Scripps Faculty!

Inventor Portal Access

Welcome to UF Innovate Online Disclosure Portal. We hope you’ll find the process easy to navigate. The information requested in our invention disclosure form mimics what you may know from the TSRI invention disclosure form. 

You may copy from an existing document and paste into the fields. You can start a disclosure, save it, and then return to continue it. And — at the risk of sounding like an infomercial — this portal does have more. You can request or monitor MTAs and CDAs and check the status of existing disclosures, patent pursuits, and more. 

Click on the image at right for more detailed instructions; the last page of the document includes a list of information you will need to complete the disclosure.

We are here to help. For login issues or questions about submitting disclosures, please contact the UF Scripps administrator, Kristen Walberg, at kwalberg@ufl.edu; (352) 392-8961.

Scripps Faculty, Disclose Here

image of two scientists concocting some sort of miracle and recording their research to make the world better. font on the image says welcome, your portal awaits. it is the cover image of a document including instructions for Scripps researchers.