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Become a resident client -- or join our 'pass' program

Our process to apply to be a resident client is outlined below. But even if you’re not ready or don’t need to be a resident client at The Hub or Sid Martin Biotech, you might have an interest in our “pass” program. We offer three levels of external memberships that give you access to the facility and our coveted equipment and conference rooms. Check out the details just below the resident client application process.

Review Client Benefits at Each Facility

Thank you for your interest in our UF Innovate | Accelerate facilities. Our application process is straightforward but thorough, as we want to ensure that every company joining The Hub or Sid Martin Biotech can fully benefit from our services. You can see a detailed list of what you'll get as either a resident client or as part of our "pass" program, dependent on the facility you join.

Review the Client Benefits at The Hub.

Below are some of the benefits to being part of The Hub:

  • Furnished starter office space, office suites, laboratories, or light manufacturing space
  • Utilities, UF’s ultra-high-speed internet connection and WiFi access
  • 24-7 building access with monitored security systems
  • Multiple conference rooms with video conferencing
  • Emergency generator, high-capacity HVAC, and single pass air in labs
  • Access to shared autoclave and fume hood services
  • Distilled water, ice machine, flammable storage, and biological waste disposal
  • Basic common area custodial services
  • Staffed reception desk with package management and secure mailbox with legal business address
  • Break room facilities, bike racks, and showers
  • Located in the center of the Gainesville Innovation District between downtown Gainesville and UF
  • Food service options within walking distance
  • Gator1 card gives you access to UF’s library system (including digital), Career Connections Center, rec centers (for a fee), and GatorPerks benefits
  • Educational & networking events
  • Access to intern programs through the university
  • Coffee bar (free coffee!)
  • Partnered with HubSpot, LivePlan, Amazon AWS, and the Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce

Review the Client Benefits at Sid Martin Biotech.

Below are some of the benefits to being part of Sid Martin Biotech: 

  • Loading dock, sprinkler system, keycard security with cameras, 24-hour access for resident clients
  • Over $1.5 million in shared scientific equipment for your use, plus a lab manager available for equipment training
  • Chemical fume hood in all labs, certified annually
  • BSL-2 Bio-safety cabinets in all labs, certified annually
  • Single-pass air in lab areas with 12x per hour air exchange
  • 110v to 480v 3-phase electrical service
  • 270 kW natural gas generator backup for dedicated circuits
  • In-house air, vacuum, gas to labs
  • In-house DI water to all labs, monitored daily
  • Ultra-pure water in central location
  • Autoclaves (3) – installed large wall unit, floor model, bench top
  • Ultra-low temperature freezer room (generator back-up with separate HVAC)
  • 8,000 sq. ft. small animal facility
  • 21,000 sq. ft. large animal facility
  • 2 climate-controlled greenhouses with mudroom, seedling growth chamber & hot room
  • Access to University of Florida IACUC and animal care services
  • Hazardous waste pickup management
  • Lab reviews and safety classes through the University’s Environmental Health and Safety unit
  • Access to advanced instrumentation, scientific expertise, and services at reduced rates through UF’s campus-based Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (ICBR), Nanoscale Research Facility (NRF), and Major Analytical Instrumentation Center (MAIC).
  • Conference room (seats 12-15) & Training Room (seats up to 30)
  • Showers and break room

Become a Resident Client

Review the Resident Client Requirements

Residential Client Incubation Eligibility Requirements into UF Innovate | Accelerate’s program include:

General Considerations Before Applying for Admittance

  • Ventures do not have to have an affiliation to UF or a UF tech license to access our space/services.
  • Our program does not operate a student incubator. Student ventures must gain entry through our standard admissions process, meet eligibility criteria, and have a demonstrated ability to pay its fees.
  • Participants may gain access to our services without having residential space in our facilities. Our external membership does not require full-time dedicated staff to the venture or a requirement to be located in our primary service area – North Central Florida.
  • Our program does not serve clients in certain industry segments: gambling, tobacco/vaping, armaments, illegal enterprises or activities (marijuana, copyright infringement), adult entertainment, predatory lending, multi-level marketing, pyramid marketing schemes, and generally all non-profit organizations (unless they qualify as a venture support organization or have a for profit aspect to their business model).
  • Admission decisions are at the full and final discretion of the Leadership Team.    Declined applicants may reapply  every 6 months or at the invitation of UF Innovate | Accelerate Leadership team.

Basic Entry Requirements

  • The venture must be an incorporated legal entity or incorporated before program entry. If the business is in existence @ time of its application, it must be in good standing with the state of incorporation.
  • Before program entry, the venture’s founding team (anyone with > 20% ownership of the venture) must consent and pass a background check.
  • In biotech, the venture must be in the R&D or process development stage. Bio-Manufacturing companies and companies conducting lengthy enrollments for clinical trial are not a good fit for the program.
  • There must be an “innovation” (novel, useful, valuable) angle (faster, cheaper, better, smarter, simpler) or unique proprietary advantage to the venture’s business model.
  • For non-bio ventures, the venture demonstrates it has an efficient capital business model. For bio ventures, the venture must demonstrate it has adequate cash, or is cash flow neutral or has access to funding to ensure operations can be maintained and not disrupted for a minimum of six (6) months.
  • The venture must have high-growth potential and cannot be a lifestyle company, “service only” lab, “two researchers” with a grant, or a SBIR factory with no tangible commercialization intentions.

Venture Commitments to Gain Admissions to Residential Client Program

  • At inception, the venture must commit at least 1 FTE to the venture or have a plan, in a reasonable period, to do so.
  • The venture must be willing to provide economic impact information periodically. Growth is measured on traditional KPIs like jobs created, outside funding obtained, products launched patents applied for or awarded, and revenue growth and uncommon metrics (community engagement, DEI etc.) Typically, impact surveys will be due annually by Feb 15 and other surveys as requested.
  • The venture must be willing to complete an initial Fluency Score and quarterly thereafter while in the incubation program.
  • The venture will readily and willingly access advisory support to advance its strategic priorities as appropriate to its development.
  • The venture must actively participate in one or more business-building programs annually.
  • The venture will provide financial statements periodically as requested by UF Innovate | Accelerate.
  • The venture is committed to making meaningful progress (including pivoting and de-risking key operating assumptions) toward graduation from the incubation program in an appropriate and/or reasonable timeframe.

Venture Goals & Aspirations

The Venture is committed to one or more of the following community economic goals:

  • Creating jobs – The venture recruits and selects higher quality, higher-paying jobs (as measured by per capita wage rates of our community and strives to create jobs at $45,000 annually or greater).
  • Realizing its commercialization potential – The venture develops and launches innovative products and services regionally, nationally, or globally (outside of the local or traded area) leveraging intellectual property, trade secrets, or other unique proprietary advantages to de-risk its major venture challenges and obstacles.
  • Diversifying our local/regional economy – The venture is committed to a promising cluster, targeted industry sector, or growth area that has a transformational impact on North Central Florida’s economic potential and growth. Some potential targeted industries include biotech, software, advanced manufacturing, AI, and deep tech to name a few.
  • Obtaining outside funding – The venture is committed to raising outside non-dilutive funding, bootstrapping through customer acquisition, and/or investment capital to navigate and mitigate startup risks.
  • Exiting the venture – Ventures funded by outside investment are  committed to achieving a liquidity event: strategic sale/merger, roll-up, sale to key employee(s) or IPO to fully realize and maximize its enterprise value.

Desirable Founding Team Characteristics

The Founding Team embraces the following healthy entrepreneurial leadership practices:

  • Engaging in effective mentorship – Founding teams with effective mentorship are known to grow faster and raise more outside funds than their non-mentored counterparts.
  • Modeling higher levels of emotional Intelligence – Founding teams are self-aware, proactively seek out strategic advice and guidance, and are intellectually curious.
  • Demonstrating grit – Founding teams are passionate, tenacious, empathetic, resilient, and contingent thinkers who are constantly learning, evolving, and adapting to various circumstances and environmental conditions.
  • Advancing the entrepreneurial community – Founding team members aspire to a high bar of excellence and have a servant leadership approach to “paying it forward” by positively impacting and contributing to the betterment of all entrepreneurs (“ecosystem effect”).
  • Achieving growth aspirations – Solo-founders rarely thrive. The average founding team today is approx. 2.8 FTE. Solo-founders need a team to build, grow, and scale. Only 0.7% of all ventures scale. Founding teams dream big, start small, and scale fast.

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Fill out the Application form.

Designate in the application either The Hub or Sid Martin Biotech. (This isn’t a final verdict; we’ll help guide you to the facility best for your company.) Be sure to note the Form Confirmation Number that appears when the application is completed. (You’ll include that number on the mailed check.)

Mail the $250 Application Fee.

Include the Form Confirmation Number on the check, and mail it to UF Innovate | The Hub, 747 SW 2nd Avenue | IMB #47, P.O. Box 115600, Gainesville, FL 32601.

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Join our 'pass' program

Our external membership -- for when you want to jump-start your incubation experience or hold on to the benefits after you've graduated.

We get it. Our in-demand facility and program might not have room for your company at the moment. Or maybe you’ve graduated but still would like access to the specialty equipment we provide. Now, in addition to the traditional “resident client” membership at The Hub or Sid Martin Biotech, we offer a “pass” program for external members.

Companies awaiting access to the resident client program and those who can benefit from an external membership can participate in our “pass” program by paying a monthly or annual fee to access the facility’s resources and conference rooms as needed. Check out the details in this chart. 

Note: All of our “pass” categories have limited capacity.



  • Reserve your spot to launch now when speed matters and you want an edge
  • access for up to 3 employees
  • facility access 24/7
  • access to shared equipment at your designated location
  • access to conference rooms at your designated location**
  • Gator 1 Card with UF Perks and mailbox at facility
  • *Must designate home facility
  • **Pay an additional $150/month for an Express Pass to add access 8am-5pm, M-F, to non-designated location

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  • To gain access to valuable common equipment and lab services
  • access for up to 5 employees
  • facility access 8am – 5pm, M-F
  • access to shared equipment at your designated location 8am – 5pm, M-F
  • access to conference rooms at your designated location**
  • Gator 1 Card with UF Perks and mailbox at facility
  • *Limited startup scholarships available
  • **Pay an additional $150/month for an Express Pass to add access 8am-5pm, M-F, to non-designated location

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