UF Innovate | Tech Licensing works with industry to:

  • Assist in technical and marketing assessments
  • Build partnerships between UF innovators, corporations, foundations and investors
  • Suggest technologies with commercial potential
  • Connect industry and investors with UF innovators and innovations
  • Execute agreements (licenses, material transfer and confidentiality)
  • Meet with researchers
  • Offer investment opportunities
  • Invite to investor-startup events
  • Market available technologies in specific areas of interest

Want to Make UF Technology Your Business?

Whether you are an entrepreneur interested in a foundational technology to build a startup company, an existing small business looking for technology to enhance your product portfolio, or an established business looking for exciting new opportunities to broaden your market, UF Innovate | Tech Licensing is a key place to start.

With a broad array of cutting-edge technologies, tools, and advances across disciplines, we encourage you to find candidate technologies that may fit your needs.

We Have Technologies Available to License

Contact Tech Licensing to learn more. A Licensing Officer will provide additional details on the technologies of interest, connect you with innovators, and work with you to craft an agreement to evaluate and develop technologies to meet your business goals.

If you are a UF innovator and think you might like to start a company to advance innovation from your research, we will work with you to provide connections and resources as appropriate.

Features Common to License Agreements with UF

Every technology is unique; every business opportunity is different. However, these are some features you should expect in a license agreements:

  • Legal costs for intellectual property protection
  • A development plan — for turning UF’s intellectual property into the product or service you will take to market
  • Diligence points — to track progress along the development plan
  • Fees and other considerations — the type and amounts of these depend on many variables
  • Insurance — to protect our shared interests and your business

UF Innovate | Tech Licensing is among the best in the country at working with each individual opportunity to structure an agreement.

Contact Tech Licensing for additional information and template agreements for license or option agreements start your path to licensing from UF.