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Our Mission

UF Innovate is building business on innovation. It is the umbrella organization uniting the four entities that drive the innovation ecosystem at UF. Based at one of the nation’s leading research institutions, UF Innovate comprises Tech Licensing, Ventures, Pathways, and an Accelerate program, which includes two business incubators, The Hub and Sid Martin Biotech. Together, those organizations move research discoveries from the laboratory to the market. UF Innovate connects innovators with entrepreneurs, investors and industry, incubates startups and growth companies, and fosters a resilient economy — all in an effort to make the world a better place.

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Startup News

New Scientist Takes Aim at TB, the World’s Deadliest Infectious Disease

Luiz Pedro Carvalho, Ph.D., is on a quest to find new medicines for treatment-resistant diseases, including tuberculosis, which is again the world’s deadliest infectious disease, after briefly falling behind COVID-19. Carvalho is the newest faculty member to join The Herbert Wertheim UF Scripps Institute for Biomedical Innovation & Technology as a professor of chemistry.

Amend Surgical Unveils Tough Adhesive Hydrogel for Intraoral Adhesion and Drug Delivery

In a groundbreaking development, Amend Surgical has announced the first-ever publication on the use of its Amend Tissue Tape, also known as DenTAI, in an oral application. The company is thrilled to report that the results have exceeded expectations and validated the extensive research and development that has gone into this revolutionary product platform. This exciting news paves the way for Amend Surgical to bring its transformative product to the market next year.