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New Drug May Help Lose Weight, Reduce Fat By Mimicking Exercise

In new research, published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, a UF researcher demonstrated how a substance called SLU-PP-332 acts like a switch that turns on certain beneficial processes in the body, much like what happens when we exercise.

Tech Tuesday: OneSixOne Ventures

In today’s Tech Tuesday, Justis Mendez, co-founder of OneSixOne Ventures, tells host Melanie Morón about an event that aims to highlight the tech ecosystem in the greater Gainesville area and connect the larger southeast region of Florida and beyond to the tech innovation and investing that’s happening here.

UF/IFAS Scientists Seek To Lure Mosquitoes, Build Better Surveillance System for Southeast Region With USDA-NIFA Grant

Mosquitoes’ sense of smell tells them when humans and wildlife are in biting distance, according to science. Over time, scientists have learned which types of scents and fragrances can lure mosquitoes best. Over the next two years, a team of researchers from the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) will develop a low-cost mosquito trap to lure mosquitoes and create a web-based dashboard to improve surveillance across the southeast United States.

Tech Tuesday: CIED

In this Tech Tuesday, host Melanie Morón meets with Laurence Andrews, who leads Santa Fe College's CIED, a business incubator in the newly constructed Blount Hall. CIED is hosting the first-ever PS27 Veteran Founders Forum on November 2, an all-day event to benefit veterans and those in active military service who want to start their own businesses.

Data Licensing Opportunities Abound, but Deals Are Not Without Challenges

It appears, at first glance, like a no-brainer: Universities, particularly those with affiliated health care centers and organizations, have virtually immeasurable stores of data — the kind of data that companies in the forefront of areas like AI, machine learning, and quantum computing would love to have. It seems like an obvious source of significant potential licensing revenue. However, “obvious” does not equal “easy,” and the barriers TTOs face in discovering, collecting, and developing an inventory of all the potentially valuable data they have are significant.

New Field Guide Shows How Arts Can Lead to Better Health

The University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine released a guide this week for healthcare practitioners, insurance companies, and community organizations on how to integrate arts, culture, and nature into referral programs, a concept within a social prescribing model known as arts on prescription.
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