NEW UPDATES: If your licensed inventions are producing income, you can now see your revenue distributions through the Innovator Portal! In the newly updated dashboard, you will also find an exportable listing of your invention disclosures, technologies, patents, and MTA & CDA agreement history. You can navigate between disclosures, patents, agreements, and now My Distributions and My Reports, with the menu buttons on the left side of the dashboard.

Welcome to Your Innovator Portal!

The portal is a one-stop shop for confidential disclosure of your innovative discoveries and to monitor your intellectual property portfolio.

The Portal Is at Your Service:

  • Access the portal from any web browser and on any device
  • Pick up where you left off; the system retains a disclosure as a draft until you are ready to submit
  • Communicate directly with the Tech Licensing office in a “Comment Section,” allowing you to ask a specific question about the form
  • Check the status of the disclosure; see a list of the progression of IP protection for your past and future innovations; see executed agreements related to your CDAs and MTAs
  • Report all innovations, including inventions, works, and biomaterials in one portal
  • See your revenue distribution(s) and run new reports for related details

Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) is essential to commercialization efforts. The innovation must be disclosed to our office before any IP protection can be pursued.

IMPORTANT: UF faculty and staff will be asked to sign invention disclosures using Docusign. You will receive an email from UF Innovate | Tech Licensing via Docusign. This is not spam! If you have questions, please contact our office at (352) 392-8929.
Need to submit a request for an MTA or CDA? Please visit the agreement portal page directly using this link
For more information related to My Distributions, please visit this link.

If you are experiencing ANY issues logging into the system, please contact our Innovator Portal Support Team at (352) 392-8929 or

Protecting IP: What It Means for Our Researchers

It is essential to disclose an innovation prior to any public presentation or publication that describes the discovery. Public disclosure before pursuing IP protection could result in a limitation of the rights to pursue patent protection and restrict the scope of the innovation described in an application.

UF Innovate | Tech Licensing evaluates all IP to determine appropriate protection. Our job is to navigate the discovery down the best path to reach commercial potential. This may be with the filing of a patent, copyright or trademark if necessary. We market the discovery to the public, a commercial partner, negotiate a license that will further the development of the innovation into a useable product, application or service.

Please call our office at (352) 392-8929 or email us at if you need assistance. We look forward to learning about your latest discovery, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standard of service for our faculty and staff.