Startup Launch Resources

Looking for a place to host your fledgling company or how to fund it? You’re not alone. Start here. We think you’ll find some answers.

Incubators and Accelerators

UF Innovate | Accelerate is the place-making, entrepreneurial support organization within UF Innovate dedicated to working with entrepreneurs, innovators, and business builders. Through two award-winning, globally-recognized facilities, Accelerate delivers industry-leading entrepreneurial programs and services designed to:

  1. accelerate the growth and development of its client companies and
  2. increase the likelihood of success of the business ventures it serves.

Learn more about the two incubators, The Hub and Sid Martin Biotech run by UF Innovate | Accelerate at

To find additional incubator spaces in Gainesville, visit the Guide to Greater Gainesville.

Check out 35 Mules Innovation Hub, a Florida Power and Light (FPL) incubator that provides mentorship, facilities and support for early-stage energy startups.

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Angel and Venture-Funding Sources

UF Innovate Ventures

UF Innovate | Ventures seeks to fuel consistent growth in the number and quality of technology-based startup companies. These startups move UF inventions out of the lab and into the marketplace for the global good. Ventures supports startups by developing entrepreneurs, connecting companies to potential investors, and making equity investments. Visit >the Ventures website to learn more.


OUP is a venture capital firm that invests in startups based on university research. UF has established relationships with OUP and is one of OUP’s core partners.

OUP offers education as well as informal office hours to its partner institutions and its scientists. More information on OUP venture education can be found on the education section of the UF Innovate Pathways Website.

OUP’s life science and tech team members hold office hours with start-up founders, graduate students/postdocs, and faculty who are interested in commercializing their work. If you have an innovation and would like to feedback on your startup idea from an OUP team member, contact your licensing officer at UF Innovate.

To learn more about OUP visit the OUP website.

Florida Venture Capital Firms

To view a list of Florida Venture Capital firms, check out this Florida Trend article.

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Small Business Federal SBIR/STTR Grant-Writing Support

You can view an extensive segment on SBIR support program information by visiting the Education part of our website.

Startup Business and Legal Resources

From time to time UF entrepreneurs ask us about firms in the area that provide startup business and legal services. Below are a few firms who have worked with UF startups. Note: UF Innovate does not recommend the below firms nor require startups to use them.


Carol Villemaire
James Moore and Company
Website: James Moore and Company.


Wendy Zimbone
Talem IP

Thomas McThenia
Gray Robinson
Website: Gray Robinson