Hack #9| Entrepreneurship is Boundaryless (Medium)

Hack #9| Entrepreneurship is Boundaryless

Hack 9 | Entrepreneurship is Boundaryless

3 things to remember if you want to expand your business & mindset

“The #HubSweetHome thing is legit,” my assistant director said recently.

She was juggling – as usual – multiple balls: a client blowing up her email because they needed access to a mentor, an international client she was connecting to other CEOs in the building, and an inspiring visionary and game-changing group looking for the best and next practices in business incubation from across the state she was sending a follow-up email. 

It was not a day in the life of an incubator leader. It was an hour. But rather than overwhelm or frustration, I read the smile. 

I share it too.

We work with special people. Entrepreneurs. They have a vision for something no one else can see – and they put everything they have into making it happen, even when the people they love the most don’t understand. Daily our goal is to reduce or eliminate friction experienced by our clients.

It can be a lonely – scary – place. They’re misunderstood, told they’re crazy to their face, and must often fail to succeed.

So, we try to provide a #HubSweetHome in our facility, The Hub (and a similar vibe in our flagship biotech center, Sid Martin Biotech). However, it’s the entrepreneurs who do the heavy lifting for each other. (We are the place makers orchestrating resources, tools, and community for a thriving and aspiring entrepreneurial community.)

Their fellow entrepreneurs get the struggle.

Entrepreneurship transcends borders and cultures, and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide can learn valuable lessons — often from each other — to guide their journey. Individuals from across the globe develop innovative ideas they turn into successful businesses. 

Some even take their growth a step further through globalization.

Regardless of how far you decide to expand your business, it’s important to remember three key components all entrepreneurs should lean into on their journey. 

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