UF Accelerate

Oragenics, Inc. Announces Private Placement

Oragenics, a UF startup, is partnering with healthcare investors. They've privately placed 404,728 shares of common stock and 404,728 shares of Series E Mirroring Preferred Stock to fight infectious diseases, including coronaviruses.

Dmitry Rinberg on the Mysteries of Smell

"Don't miss this fascinating interview with Dmitry Rinberg, Co-founder and Chief Science Advisor of Canaery, a resident of UF Innovate | Accelerate, as he explores the mysteries of smell with Vasant Dhar. Join AI-pioneer Vasant Dhar as he hosts 'Brave New World' and discover the transformation of humanity by machines in the post-COVID era. The conversation will touch on various topics such as work, health, faith, emotional well-being, government, democracy, and freedom."

Florida Tech Corridor Reaches for the Future

They’re among hundreds of innovations powered by the Florida High Tech Corridor, an initiative anchored by a trio of Florida research universities that rings Sumter County. Just marking its 27th anniversary, leaders of Florida’s tech triangle —UF in Gainesville, UCF in Orlando and USF in Tampa — say the future will bring even more revolution.

A Founder’s Collaboration Skills May Be the Key to Success, Especially in Deep Tech

Accelerators like UF Innovate are crucial to the early-stage economy, and to innovation in the United States. It’s at places like these that new technologies can be brought to the market, including technologies that with a profound effect on people’s lives and health. One UF Innovate company, for instance, is MYOLYN, which makes therapy systems for people with neurological disorders and injuries, like multiple sclerosis or stroke.