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2020 Randall M. Whaley Incubator of the Year Recipient
Why Us

UF Innovate | Sid Martin Biotech is a world-recognized leader in biotechnology business incubation – and with well-equipped laboratories and specialized equipment, plus an outstanding network of mentors, advisors and collaborators, it’s the perfect place for you to grow your biotech business.

We are here to assist you in growing your therapeutic, diagnostics, medical device, ag-bio, clean energy and/or biopharma enterprise. We’ve been making growth happen in North Central Florida since 1995, and we know what it takes to assist your company.

Why Us

Our facility is one of the most experienced bio-business incubators in the nation, and we’ve got some awards to prove it. Our success aids your success.

Our Companies

We’ve got a list of successful resident and alumni companies that represent billions in client funding activity. See who’s who among our startups.

Client Resources

Access to core scientific equipment, invaluable business advice, and investor and legal introductions are here for you.

Our Community

We’re nestled in the heart of a 204-acre research park in North Central Florida, the best of UF and Alachua without the traffic.


Interested in joining us? We would love to learn more about your business.

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Address & Directions

UF Innovate | Sid Martin Biotech
12085 Research Drive, Box SMBI-300
Alachua, Florida 32615


Staff Directory


Photo of Mark S. Long Mark S. Long Director, Incubation Services

Mark is the director of incubation services at UF. This includes UF Innovate | Sid Martin Biotech and UF Innovate | The Hub. He focuses on incubating companies according to industry best practices efforts, utilizing sales and marketing techniques and entrepreneurial mentoring.

Mark was the former President and CEO of the Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation (IURTC), which owned and operated the Indiana University Emerging Technologies Center (IUETC), a life sciences incubator, and Mark served as President and CEO of that facility. Mark was also President and CEO of the Midwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute, a cancer treatment facility located at Indiana University, during his tenure at IURTC. Mark was the former Director of Technical Operations at Washington University in St. Louis.

Mark has a B.S. in biology and an M.S. in Molecular Biology from Florida State University. He attended both Florida Atlantic University and Indiana University for work on his Ed.D. He has been a member of the NBIA for 12 years and authored the books “Put It In Writing 2”, “Wholesale Economic Development”, and writes a blog on incubation titled IncubatorBlogger.

Photo of Merrie Shaw Merrie Shaw Assistant Director, Incubation Services

Merrie focuses on the life science incubator, Sid Martin Biotech, where she manages the day to day operations as well as promotes Incubation Services and recruits companies. Merrie oversees finance, budgets, administration and human resources. Merrie has incubator management certification through the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA), and she helped the Sid Martin incubation program win global incubator of the year awards twice, in 2013 and again in 2017.

Merrie has been with UF for 13 years. Previously, she was an orthopedic surgical assistant in south Florida for 15 years, and then she assisted various hospital
foundations with fund raising.

Merrie earned an AS degree from Santa Fe College, surgical tech certification from Manatee College and her Incubator Management Certification from INBIA.

Sid Martin Biotech Staff

Photo of Elliott Welker Elliott Welker Incubator Manager

Elliott works on programs and progress for startup companies and recently launched the Innovate NaviGator pilot program, which includes gathering and posting information for communitywide events for entrepreneurs.

Before joining UF Innovate, Elliott was a business development intern for ReliOx Corporation, a resident startup at Sid Martin Biotech; a legal assistant for Robert S. Griscti, Esq., assisting him in his practice of white-collar criminal law, criminal defense, federal and state litigation, professional licensing and appeals; and volunteered with the North Central Florida Chapter of the Federal Bar Association.

He earned his BA in history with a minor in teaching English as a second language (2013) and MBA focusing on entrepreneurship and marketing (2017) from UF. He was a Bob Graham Center for Public Service Student Fellow and Poe Center for Business Ethics Education and Research MBA Fellow.

Photo of Lynda Graves Lynda Graves Senior Fiscal Assistant

Lynda processes accounts receivable, disbursements, credit card reconciliation, journal entries, and travel expenses for Sid Martin Biotech. She prepares monthly invoices for incubator clients and maintains the sub-ledger accounting system including posting monthly transactions to the general ledger as well as monthly reconciliations and financial reports.

Before joining the team at Sid Martin, she worked 30 years for UF as a senior accountant and supervisor at the UF Brain Institute.

Photo of Brittany Mosher Brittany Mosher Administrative Support Assistant

Brittany provides general administrative functions for the Sid Martin Biotech, including handling reception, scheduling meetings, coordinating calendars, preparing correspondence, and providing routine office support.

Before joining the team at Sid Martin, Brittany worked in customer service and multiple medical environments.

Brittany has earned two A.S. degrees from Santa Fe College, one in health information technology and the other in cardiovascular technology.

Photo of Chris Wiley Chris Wiley Lab Manager

Chris is the Sid Martin Biotech lab manager. He maintains, troubleshoots, and repairs core scientific equipment. He also provides equipment training and maintains related records.

He is a Marine Corps Veteran and holds a bachelor’s of science degree in chemistry from UF. He is a trained analytical chemist and serves as a lead scientist and lab director at Avekshan LLC, a pharmaceutical drug development company in Alachua. He also operates as an independent consultant for analytical testing, drug development projects, and regulatory strategy. In the past, he has worked as a contract researcher and a math/chemistry tutor.

Chris has attended several professional continued education short courses on subjects such as scientific instrument qualification/calibration/maintenance, gas chromatography (GC) and liquid chromatography (HPLC and Prep-LC), quality assurance (QA) and internal auditing procedures, mass spectrometry and cell culture.

Outside of his career, he is a proud husband and father as well as an active performer in the UF Classical Guitar Ensemble. He also repairs/modifies/upgrades electric guitars and related musical equipment, and enjoys camping and hiking.