Writing About Tech Has Made Her UF Education Even Better

Savana Brashears, an intern at UF Innovate Tech Licensing, sits in a truck and smiles confidently

Writing About Tech Has Made Her UF Education Even Better

Working as a marketing intern for UF Innovate is one of the best decisions I have ever made. As a pre-med, a lot of what I do in my studies is focused on science and medicine. This work as a marketing intern is not something I ever pictured myself doing, but I love it. I love learning how important wording is or finding the perfect picture to describe the technology.

(A “technology” or a “tech” is what I would have called an “invention” or a “discovery” before I started working here. Who knew a probiotic to treat type 1 diabetes was a “technology”? But it is! And I’ve learned so much more.)

Exposure to tech outside her field

What I really love about this internship is that it exposes me to so many new things. The techs I help market all come from a variety of different fields. I get to learn about them while researching background information. I get exposed to topics I would never have learned in my pursuit for my undergraduate degree otherwise.

For example, one week I worked on a technology that had to do with computer circuits. The next I wrote about upgraded nipple shields for breastfeeding. Not only do I get to read about fields such as computer science, which I do not know much about, but I also create marketing documents for a lot of technologies related to the medical field. These technologies are always the easiest for me to understand. I love reading about advancements in the medical field.  

The internship experience overall

Additionally, the flexibility and understanding of my supervisors make me love this internship even more. Sara and Veronica are always there to help me if I have a question and are super understanding when my hours change, even when they vary from week to week.

These two are a big reason why I plan on sticking with this internship for as long as they’ll have me. They create an incredible working environment despite the challenges of working remotely. Also, my roommate works for UF Innovate in a different department. So while we work together in the living room on our computers, I can imagine we’re working together in the office in our respective cubicles.  

All my experiences in the internship will help me in the future. Even if I am not an expert in any of the topics involved in understanding a technology, I know a little bit more about computers, circuits, engineering, etc. than I would have without it. I am becoming versed in topics that could come up in conversations. Also, I am learning valuable marketing skills I could use to market myself or future endeavors.