Tech Licensing Intern Shares What He's Learned While Working With Us

Intern George White is pictured at the top of a mountain he's climbed

Tech Licensing Intern Shares What He’s Learned While Working With Us

Over the past two semesters, I served as an intern at UF Innovate | Tech Licensing. In my role, I have been able to work with great people and learn an enormous amount about the process of patenting and marketing new technologies.

Communications Manager Sara Dagen and Public Relations Specialist Veronica Talavera enthusiastically welcomed me. They manage the internship program. I had little prior experience, but Sara and Veronica trained me. They facilitated my working directly with the licensing officers to conduct prior art searches and draft marketing summaries.

During the internship, I have become more comfortable researching patents and scientific journals. I learned to use tools such as Google Patents, Scholar, the USPTO, and others. Each project describes a unique technology that proposes an innovative solution in an area of science.

Researching technologies for prior art searches that solve problems ranging from sustainable architecture to biomedical engineering is engaging and challenging. I learn about new technology fields each day.

As an undergrad finance major, I did not expect to have the opportunity to write about IR-enabled UAVs or an innovative waste treatment system. Although I have been working remotely, Ms. Dagen, Ms. Talavera, and the licensing officers have generously offered their insight and expertise on each project. They’ve helped me overcome any obstacles.

This internship has provided me with a new perspective of the entrepreneurial-technology space. It has allowed me to work on different teams with a variety of tasks relating to business, science, and law.

In the spring, I attended a graduate lecture with one of the licensing officers. We addressed biomedical engineering students and delivered a PowerPoint presentation about how to conduct prior art searches, and how they can be useful for inventors before filing a patent application.

I am thankful to be working with the other interns at UF Innovate | Tech Licensing and for the journey my internship has allowed me.