Standing Innovation 2021

Standing InnOvation 2021

On October 26, UF Innovate | Tech Licensing hosted its annual event to recognize top innovations stemming from the University of FloridaStanding InnOvation, the best kind of “standing ovation” you can give to innovators, recognized the seven innovations of the year and the Innovator of the Year, Dr. William Hauswirth, a pioneer in gene therapy.

Jim O’Connell, assistant vice president of commercialization at UF and director of UF Innovate | Tech Licensing, emceed the event which had two components, the unveiling of a new mural, “The Flow of Innovation,” located in the lobby of UF Innovate | Accelerate @ The Hub, and the award ceremony that took place at Midpoint Park & Eatery, a food truck park located in the heart of Gainesville’s Innovation District.

The Innovator of the Year had the opportunity to share some words with the audience during the event while the inventions were showcased in pre-recorded videos we include on this page; if you prefer to read, you can do that here

We are incredibly thankful to Wolf Greenfield Intellectual Property Attorneys for sponsoring the event for 4th consecutive year. We’ve gotten many kudos for the event’s quality, and we credit Wolf Greenfield’s generosity that allowed us to do Standing InnOvation right once again. 

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Steven Munger

Elias Sayour

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