Standing Innovation 2019

Standing InnOvation

UF Innovate | Tech Licensing honored innovators in an event September 17 called Standing InnOvation, a play on the phrase “standing ovation.” UF Innovate wanted to give that sort of applause — in the form of a reception — to the innovators who had disclosed, licensed or optioned a technology in FY19.

As part of that celebration, Tech Licensing honored Dr. Ben Lok as the Innovator of the Year. The awardee is chosen by the breadth and depth of his or her work and the impact the work has had and will have on the global good. In addition, UF Innovate selected seven inventions as the 2019 Inventions of the Year. Read more about those inventions and the innovators who created them here.

Photos from the event are below.

  • Technology Licensing Officer and Dr. Christine Schmidt talk at Standing InnOvation, an event during which Dr. Schmidt's and Dr. Thomas Angelini's spinal cord model was selected as an
  • Dr. David Norton with
  • Dr. Sophia Sheikh and Dr. Phyllis Hendry received an award for their invention of PAMI, the Pain Assessment Management Initiative.
  • Inventor Ben Lok stands with University of Florida President Kent Fuchs and Vice President for Research Dr. David Norton