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Gators Back Gators in New Artificial Intelligence Investment

OneSixOne Ventures, a UF Innovate | Accelerate graduate and local partner, has invested more than $2 million into 12 startups since February 2022. In February, the company announced a new $950,000 investment into Rain AI, a startup developing a computer chip designed for use by artificial intelligence. 

Fighting the Growing Threat of Crime and Violence in the Retail Space

On February 29, retail industry leaders from 47 corporations across the nation convened at the University of Florida for the Inegrate Summit, hosted by the Loss Prevention Research Council, delving into strategies to combat the growing challenges from theft, fraud, and violence in retail spaces. This year's event focused on the threat of an active shooter incident.

Tech Tuesday: NysnoBio

On this Tech Tuesday segment, Melanie Morón interviews Jennifer Johnston from NysnoBio to discuss the company's work in gene therapy to treat Parkinson's disease.

$682,000 in Duke Energy Grants Provide Economic Boost to Florida Communities

Duke Energy and the Duke Energy Foundation are investing $682,000 in grants to support 35 local economic development agencies and businesses dedicated to bringing new jobs and investment in Florida. This year’s funding will allow the University of Florida (UF Innovate | Accelerate) to identify and vet promising biotechnology businesses seeking to scale, with potential to relocate in the city of Gainesville and city of Alachua area.

Hack #9| Entrepreneurship is Boundaryless

#9 Hack of The Week emphasizes the importance of collaboration, global networking, and embracing the entrepreneurial ecosystem to foster innovation and resilience. It highlights real-world examples, such as the rental umbrella service in Tokyo and the airport operations industry's successful recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Neobiosis Announces FDA Approval of IND for Use of ViXomeTM in COVID-19 ‘Post COVID Syndrome’

Neobiosis, A UF Accelerate resident client, is a leading research and manufacturing biotechnology company focused on pioneering the development of novel therapeutics from perinatal tissues as a new class of medicines. Today, Neobiosis announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the Investigational New Drug (IND) application for ViXome™, its drug for the treatment of 'Post COVID Syndrome (AKA "Long Haul COVID Syndrome").

Tech Tuesday: Oneness Technologies

In this week's Tech Tuesday featured on WCJB TV20, we interview Dr. Neha Chavan and Alex Blanton from Oneness Technologies, a biotech company that combines cutting-edge scientific expertise with a plant-based medicine approach. The startup's technology revolutionizes the health and wellness industry by ensuring maximum absorption of hemp products in the body, minimizing wastage, and reducing side effects.

You’re More Than the Phone in Your Hand: Entrepreneurial Hack of the Week

In a world where technology reigns supreme, concerns about AI's threat to jobs and the erosion of human relationships have reached a tipping point. But what if there's a genius hack to strike the perfect balance? In this thought-provoking article, Karl LaPan, Director of UF Innovate Accelerate, unravels the intricate relationship between technology, AI, and our fundamental need for genuine human connection.