SATLANTIS Launches GEISAT Precursor for Methane Detection

SATLANTIS, the leading global provider of Earth Observation technologies, successfully launched its fourth mission, the GEISAT Precursor satellite, on June 12th, 2023, at 2:35 p.m. (Los Angeles time) from California. The satellite offers unique capabilities for high-resolution visual monitoring and tracking methane emissions, a significant greenhouse gas, marking another milestone for the company.

A Founder’s Collaboration Skills May Be the Key to Success, Especially in Deep Tech

Accelerators like UF Innovate are crucial to the early-stage economy, and to innovation in the United States. It’s at places like these that new technologies can be brought to the market, including technologies that with a profound effect on people’s lives and health. One UF Innovate company, for instance, is MYOLYN, which makes therapy systems for people with neurological disorders and injuries, like multiple sclerosis or stroke.

Using AI, UF Startup Companies Boost Ailing Citrus Industry

As news broke that Florida’s citrus industry ended this year’s growing season with its lowest production in eight decades, an unlikely union has formed between two University of Florida startup companies to help reverse the trend.

Leaders in Agriculture and Aerospace Partner To Create Rapid Crop Evaluation for Farmers

SATLANTIS LLC (SATLANTIS) and Agriculture Intelligence, Inc (AgIntel) announced a collaborative initiative with leading industry experts to combine agriculture intelligence and high resolution satellite monitoring with hopes to enhance current crop evaluation techniques for growers significantly. In late May, SATLANTIS successfully launched a satellite from the Cape Canaveral Force Station on board a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Satlantis, LLC, Announces Strategic Investment

UF startup Satlantis, LLC ("Satlantis"), a US technology leader in high precision miniaturized satellites and cameras is pleased to announce a strategic investment from Encino Environmental Holdings, LLC ("Encino"). This investment will allow Satlantis to accelerate the commercialization of its satellite-based greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring technology and develop new products and services for the North American market.

SATLANTIS, the Company That Manufactures Small Satellites for NASA

SATLANTIS specializes in making small cameras and satellites, weighing around 50 kilos, something that is not widely used on the market. Most companies are dedicated to making large satellites and this is where Juan Tomás Hernani, SATLANTIS' CEO, believes that one of the keys to his success is.

CDTI Enters in SATLANTIS’ Capital, in a 16.5 Million Round of Investment

With the entry of CDTI (the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology) in its capital, UF startup and UF Innovate | Accelerate at The Hub resident SATLANTIS has closed its second-round investment to which Enagás, Sepi, Orza and Axis-Ico are also incorporated, for a cumulative total of 16.5 million euros.

UF Innovate Reveals New Display in Lobby of The Hub

More than 150 innovators and entrepreneurs attended an in-person event, while 40 joined via livestream to unveil a new, lighted floor-to-ceiling mural in the lobby of UF Innovate | Accelerate at The Hub.