Satlantis LLC

Satlantis Appoints Aitor Moriñigo Muñoz as First CEO of U.S. Subsidiary, Satlantis LLC

Satlantis, a technology company specializing in high-resolution Earth observation payloads for microsatellites, is pleased to announce the appointment of Aitor Moriñigo Muñoz as the first Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of their American subsidiary, Satlantis LLC, a UF startup and resident client at UF Innovate | Accelerate. Morinigo Munoz brings industry experience and expertise to this pivotal role.

SATLANTIS Launches HORACIO, Its Sixth Mission and Third Full-Solution Satellite for Infrared and Visible Earth Observation

SATLANTIS, a leading global provider of advanced Earth Observation technologies, announced its sixth mission with the launch of the HORACIO satellite on March 4, aboard SpaceX's Transporter-10 mission on a Falcon9 rocket, a ride-share flight along with other satellites to a Sun-Synchronous Orbit 520-590 km above Earth. The launch took place from the Space Force Base in California. The company headquarters are located in Bilbao, Spain, within the University of the Basque Country Science Park, and SATLANTIS LLC is based within UF Innovate | Accelerate at The Hub.

Tech Tuesday – Satlantis

In this week's Tech Tuesday for WCJB TV20, UF Innovate's Loren Miranda speaks with Aitor Moriñigo Muñoz, Executive Vice President of Satlantis, LLC, a local space tech company producing microsatellites and imaging technology.

SATLANTIS Launches GEISAT Precursor for Methane Detection

SATLANTIS, the leading global provider of Earth Observation technologies, successfully launched its fourth mission, the GEISAT Precursor satellite, on June 12th, 2023, at 2:35 p.m. (Los Angeles time) from California. The satellite offers unique capabilities for high-resolution visual monitoring and tracking methane emissions, a significant greenhouse gas, marking another milestone for the company.