Hendrik Luesch

Decoding the Genes Behind Dolastatin 10 Paves the Way for New Cancer Therapeutics

Researchers at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy have identified the genes responsible for the creation of dolastatin 10, a marine natural product that has led to six FDA-approved cancer drugs since 2011. The research team used genomic library screening and genome sequencing to identify the genes responsible for producing the marine natural product.

UF Researchers Say Marine Products Show Promising Future In Medical Advancements

Many drug research efforts occurring at UF are focused on marine and natural products that will lead to advancements in medications and treatments for cancers. Dr. Hendrik Luesch was involved in a recent discovery of a marine compound off the east coast of Florida named gatorbulin-1 that could potentially be used in the fight against cancer; this discovery highlights the importance of searching the ocean’s biodiversity.