Agriculture Intelligence Inc.

Florida High Tech Corridor Incubators Experience Startup Surge

Florida native and CEO of Agriculture Intelligence Matt Donovan has discovered a “renewed environment with a fertile ground for talent.” A resident company in UF Innovate | The Hub, Agriculture Intelligence is a precision agriculture science company combining machine vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide cloud-based, precision data for specialty crops.

Artificial Intelligence Leads the Way in a Sea Change for Agriculture

UF agricultural engineer Yiannis Ampatzidis says artificial intelligence ­— the convergence of new tools for data collection with cloud computing to analyze the explosion of information ­— is changing the face of agriculture in a way that is nothing short of revolutionary.

Putting Drones and Smart AI to Work

Dr. Yiannis Ampatzidis and Matt Donovan are the developers of Agroview, a Florida startup invention and a 2020 Cade Prize finalist. A spinoff company located at UF Innovate | The Hub called “Agriculture Intelligence Inc.,” was created, which provides Agroview’s services to growers.