Next Gen: What’s beyond the leading edge of biotech and pharma?

Next Gen: What’s beyond the leading edge of biotech and pharma?

22junAll Day23Next Gen: What’s beyond the leading edge of biotech and pharma?

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You’re invited to the Fierce Biotech Virtual Series, Next Gen: What’s beyond the leading edge of biotech and pharma?

We’re looking for the next generation. New waves of cancer targets. Novel approaches to cell and gene therapies. Cutting-edge technologies set to change biopharma manufacturing. Even a new cohort of up-and-coming industry leaders.

Join Fierce Biotech June 22-23 for a two-day virtual event that goes beyond the cutting-edge panel discussions we are known for. We bring you CEO interviews, panel discussions and partner presentations exploring the next generation of drug development.

A sample of our planned schedule includes:

What’s next in gene therapy
From new viral vectors to newly refined manufacturing to entirely new targets—including infectious diseases—biotech companies are advancing first-time approaches in an already cutting-edge field. We’ll talk to some of the next-wave pioneers about how the new work will improve on the groundbreaking advances we’ve already seen.

What’s the next target in immuno-oncology?
Immuno-oncology drugs have stormed the cancer field, but a cadence of targeted cancer drugs have hit the market, too, and more are on their way. We’ll dig into the hottest targets with companies pursuing them and experts watching them line up.

Who’s next in biotech and pharma?
For several years, leaders in the biopharma industry have been pressing for gender balance and increased diversity, both within companies and at the top—in senior management and on boards. We’ll talk to some of the leaders and to recruiting experts about what’s being done and how everyone’s company can help.

New trends shaping biopharma manufacturing
COVID-19 put pharma manufacturing front-and-center last year, but for many in the know, the production revolution was already underway. Whether it’s the rise of cell and gene therapies, the sudden, intense demand for pandemic vaccines and therapeutics, or the push to make essential medicines at home, the landscape is changing for contractors and drugmakers alike.

We’ll have a strong focus on networking this year and will facilitate one to one meetings and groups chats with speakers, partners and attendees. I hope you can join us. Click here to reserve your seat today.


june 22 (Tuesday) - 23 (Wednesday)(GMT-04:00)


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