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New Study Points to Concerns of Dangerous Vibrio Bacteria in Florida’s Coastal Waters Following Hurricane Ian

When Hurricane Ian struck Southwest Florida in September 2022, it unleashed a variety of Vibrio bacteria that can cause illness and death in humans, according to a new study conducted in October 2022 by researchers at the University of Florida and the University of Maryland, based on genome sequencing as well as satellite and environmental data collected off the coast of Lee County, where Hurricane Ian hit directly.

Dr. Shannon Boye Named Innovator of the Year

UF Innovate | Tech Licensing hosted its sixth annual Standing InnOvation event on Wednesday, October 18, to honor and celebrate innovators and their work at the University of Florida in fiscal year 2023.

“The Horse’s Mouth” with Enrico Levi of Inzecto

The Horse’s Mouth is a talk show where Tom McManus’s guests sidle up to his bar to discuss the intersection of sports, business, and life. Today, Tom sits with Enrico Levi of Inzecto, a UF startup licensing mosquito control technology created by Levi, Roberto Pereira, and principal investigator Philip Koehler at the UF College of Agriculture and Food Sciences.

Data Licensing Opportunities Abound, but Deals Are Not Without Challenges

It appears, at first glance, like a no-brainer: Universities, particularly those with affiliated health care centers and organizations, have virtually immeasurable stores of data — the kind of data that companies in the forefront of areas like AI, machine learning, and quantum computing would love to have. It seems like an obvious source of significant potential licensing revenue. However, “obvious” does not equal “easy,” and the barriers TTOs face in discovering, collecting, and developing an inventory of all the potentially valuable data they have are significant.

NovaBone’s New Bioactive Glass Syringe for Foot & Ankle

UF startup NovaBone Products, leader in synthetic biologics, announced the Alachua, Florida, company has made commercially available a new syringe for targeted delivery of its 45S5 bioactive glass putty device for the foot and ankle market. The newly launched syringe comes in both a 2.5cc and a 5cc formulation.

Confronting Aids in Florida With Artificial Intelligence

A University of Florida research team is playing its part to stop the global HIV epidemic, applying the power of artificial intelligence to medical records to uncover patterns of risk and bias that have left some patients in Florida with poor access to today’s effective treatments — so effective that HIV infections are not sexually transmitted.