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SATLANTIS Launches HORACIO, Its Sixth Mission and Third Full-Solution Satellite for Infrared and Visible Earth Observation

SATLANTIS, a leading global provider of advanced Earth Observation technologies, announced its sixth mission with the launch of the HORACIO satellite on March 4, aboard SpaceX's Transporter-10 mission on a Falcon9 rocket, a ride-share flight along with other satellites to a Sun-Synchronous Orbit 520-590 km above Earth. The launch took place from the Space Force Base in California. The company headquarters are located in Bilbao, Spain, within the University of the Basque Country Science Park, and SATLANTIS LLC is based within UF Innovate | Accelerate at The Hub.

New Technique May Help Scientists Stave Off Coral Reef Collapse

In a first for helping coral polyps respond to warming and acidifying oceans, scientists from the University of Florida have recreated the first stage of the coral skeleton creation process in a common, squishy sea anemone. The technique transforms this soft-bodied creature into the perfect lab model for researching coral skeletons and developing ways to bolster coral polyps in a changing climate. 

UF Innovate hosted a reception for Dr. Juan Gilbert on Thursday, November 30th. The reception was to celebrate Dr. Gilbert receiving the National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Joe Biden.

Tech Tuesday: Standing InnOvation

In this Tech Tuesday, UF Innovate's Melanie Morón is joined by Jim O’Connell, the Assistant Vice President for Commercialization and the Director of UF Innovate, at Standing InnOvation, UF Innovate | Tech Licensing’s annual event to honor and celebrate the achievements of innovators across the University of Florida.

Genascence to Present Full Data from Phase 1 Clinical Trial on GNSC-001, Company’s Lead Program in Osteoarthritis, at European Society of Gene & Cell Therapy 30th Annual Congress

Genascence Corporation, a clinical-stage biotechnology company revolutionizing the treatment of prevalent musculoskeletal diseases with gene therapy using technology discovered at the University of Florida, announced that data from the Phase 1 clinical trial of GNSC-001 for the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) demonstrated that it was safe and well tolerated. 

Dr. Shannon Boye Named Innovator of the Year

UF Innovate | Tech Licensing hosted its sixth annual Standing InnOvation event on Wednesday, October 18, to honor and celebrate innovators and their work at the University of Florida in fiscal year 2023.