Finding Fires With Lightning Speed (UF News)

Finding Fires With Lightning Speed

Lightning is the No. 1 cause of wildfires, and lightning-ignited fires are nine times larger than those caused by humans because they can smolder for days until weather conditions become right for it to burst into a hard-to-control megafire. Using its network of lightning detectors, data from the latest environmental satellites and AI processing adopted from astrophysics, Fire Neural Network delivers real-time accurate information to fire and forest managers.

“This needs to be solved in the next decade if we want to avoid devastation to biodiversity, ecosystems and people,” said Istvan Kereszy, Ph.D., the CEO and co-founder of Fire Neural Network, or FNN, a Gainesville, Florida-based company that applies artificial intelligence to reduce the time it takes to identify a devastating wildfire from 24 hours to just 40 seconds.

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