Orchard Tech Helps Create Savvy Seniors (The Gainesville Sun)

Orchard Tech Helps Create Savvy Seniors

Some of the best business ideas begin with family, and 25-year-old Ming Yang’s Orchard Tech, a UF Innovate | The Hub alum that helps Baby Boomers cross the digital divide, is one of them.

Yang’s mother was trying to sign up for health insurance a few years ago by filling out an application online, but couldn’t quite get the hang of it. Naturally she asked her daughter for help.

“She didn’t know how to use her computer and emails and upload documents and that’s when I realized that in this day and age, not knowing how to use computers in whatever capacities means not really experiencing and moving forward in life,” Yang said.

So Yang reasoned that if her mother needed help, there were probably plenty of others among her mother’s chronological peers who might be in the same situation and benefit from the assistance that a digital-savvy millennial might provide.

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