FICS Research Expands Industry Partnerships, Workforce Development (ECE Florida News)

FICS Research Expands Industry Partnerships, Workforce Development

The Florida Institute for Cybersecurity (FICS) Research is well-known and regarded as a global leader in hardware security and systems security research. FICS Research Director, Dr. Mark Tehranipoor, is generally acknowledged as the father of hardware security, in many cases having created the first programs, books, publications, and conferences in the domain.

While high-powered, high-dollar research is certainly one of the main thrusts of FICS Research’s activities, there is another that garners less recognition—workforce development. Many of the centers and initiatives led by FICS Research partner specifically with industry giants in the field, and strive to develop a skilled workforce prepared to excel in the hardware security space. Certainly, as hardware-based cyberattacks become more prevalent and the global economic outlook continues to be uncertain, the emphasis on skills and job creation in the industry is an area where FICS Research’s efforts significantly impact the real world. The close collaborations between FICS Research and industry will certainly prove fruitful for students as they graduate and consider the next phase of their careers.

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