Florida Peanut Federation Donates Plot Planter to UF/IFAS (Southeast AGNet)

Florida Peanut Federation Donates Plot Planter to UF/IFAS

The Florida Peanut Federation (FPF) holds fast to its mission “strive to improve and develop a thriving and sustainable peanut industry, ensuring all of Florida’s peanut producers and allied partners the greatest opportunity to be successful.” Through a research partnership with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS), the FPF is committed to strengthening the industry. That begins with a viable and productive peanut being planted.

A very advanced and sophisticated planter, with the newest in technology and the best research team to use it, FPF purchased and donated a plot planter to UF/IFAS, North Florida Research Education Center

Barry Tillman, Ph.D., assistant director and professor at UF’s agronomy department, emphasized the improved accuracy and efficiency in planting peanut research plots that the planter can contribute to the Peanut Breeding Program. Tillman’s research and extension programs focus on developing improved peanut varieties. His breeding program emphasizes conventional breeding methods while conducting research to develop and incorporate more advanced genomic tools into the breeding effort. 

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