Jackson Streeter to Direct UF Innovate | Ventures (UF Innovate)

Jackson Streeter to Direct UF Innovate | Ventures

In March of 2019, Brammer Bio, a University of Florida spinout company, sold for $1.7 billion to Thermo Fisher Scientific. The story of Brammer is a model of how UF can foster commercialization of research, and UF Innovate | Ventures plans to do just that.

“Our hope is that with the new Ventures group and director, we can either find or create the next 10 Brammers,” said Jim O’Connell, assistant vice president of commercialization at UF and director of UF Innovate | Tech Licensing.

Ventures, the newest member of the UF Innovate quartet, seeks to fuel consistent growth in the number and quality of technology-based startup companies licensing university technologies. UF Innovate established Ventures and equipped it with a $1 million venture fund for fiscal year 2019, an Entrepreneurs in Residence program, and an able director, Dr. Jackson Streeter.

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