AgroFresh launches FreshCloud

AgroFresh launches FreshCloud (FruitNet)

AgroFresh Solutions, a global leader in produce freshness solutions, has announced the launch of its FreshCloud platform, a data-backed, insights-driven solution for monitoring the quality of produce throughout the supply chain.

The initiative has been made possible by AgroFresh’s acquisition of Verigo, a disruptive Internet of Things (IoT) company that offers end-to-end visibility and management of cold chain logistics, adding proprietary technologies to its portfolio. Verigo is a UF startup that has incubated at UF Innovate | The Hub.

The acquisition marks the first step toward achieving AgroFresh’s commitment to improve fruit quality and reduce food waste. Thanks to FreshCloud’s use of real-time predictive data insights, produce can be delivered to consumers around the world more efficiently.

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