Meridian Partners with Telehealth Resource

Meridian Partners with Telehealth Resource (The Gainesville Sun)

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare sees a variety of patients in a variety of settings: clinics, stabilization units, recovering centers. With a new partnership, it will be able to expand its reach beyond walls.

It’s partnering with UF startup TAO Connect, a digital mental health resource platform designed for clinicians and patients. TAO Connect is a graduate company of UF Innovate | The Hub.
The new way of delivering care makes for “high quality intervention” that’s more accessible, Meridian President and CEO Maggie Labarta said.

TAO Connect was created by Dr. Sherry Benton, a former director of the University of Florida’s Counseling and Wellness Center. Labarta said she knew Benton while Benton was at UF and planning TAO.

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