Our Interns Go Places!

Our Interns

We like to think an internship at Tech Licensing means something

Interns who have left our program seem to agree. Since 2005, our office has hired student interns to help with drafting non-confidential summaries of our technologies for marketing purposes and with prior art searches to determine if we had the right to file for a patent on behalf of our researchers. We’re not sure how the office survived the first 20 years of its history without student help!

Here some of our former interns express the benefit they found in our program.

Elizabeth Reeve
Chemical Engineering, Class of 2019

I learned how to read and analyze prior art (patents, patent applications, and publication journals) for critical information… Through practice, I think this experience taught me how to efficiently digest large volumes of technical information, which will be absolutely invaluable in my ongoing career as an engineer.