University of Florida

Underwater Data Centers Are the Future. But a Speaker System Could Cripple Them.

A new study from a group of cybersecurity and robotics researchers at the University of Florida and the University of Electro-Communications in Japan reveals for the first time a critical vulnerability of underwater data centers: sound. Carried by dense water, and targeting the resonant frequencies of hard drives, sound injection attacks can make servers unresponsive and crash networks. After just a few minutes, some hard drives are even permanently destroyed. However, the scientists also developed a machine learning algorithm that can accurately identify sound attacks, allowing the system to respond before it crashes.

UF Engineering Professor Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences has elected University of Florida computer science professor and National Medal of Technology and Innovation (NMTI) laureate Juan E. Gilbert, Ph.D. as a 2024 Academy member. The Academy, founded in 1780 by John Adams and John Hancock, elects leaders from all disciplines who work together to solve the problems that our nation faces and believes in cultivating a membership of innovators across all fields of arts and sciences. 

The University of Florida’s Plans in Jacksonville: Where They Stand

Jacksonville is poised to become the home of two new University of Florida institutions that would play into UF President Ben Sasse’s vision of the university partnering with businesses to apply research to current and future challenges, putting students closer to prospective employers and spurring the regional and state economies.
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