UF Department of Chemistry

Creating the Molecules of Life with HiPerGator

The University of Florida's HiPerGator, the most powerful supercomputer in higher education, is transforming the world of molecular research. Jinze Xue, a Ph.D. student in the Roitberg Computational Chemistry Group, recently conducted a large-scale early Earth molecular dynamics experiment using HiPerGator. The experiment utilized over 1,000 A100 GPUs on 22 million atoms to discover how complex molecules can form from the basic building blocks of life and to make the process automatic through large-scale computer simulations.

Tech Tuesday – Adam Veige

In this week's Tech Tuesday for WCJB TV20, UF Innovate's Melanie Morón interviews Adam Veige, professor in the UF Department of Chemistry and winner of an Invention of the Year award at StandingInnOvation 2023. He explains his invention, a cyclic version of polypropylene, which he aims to commercialize.

Cannabix Completes Initial Electronics Testing on Contactless Alcohol Breathalyzer, Commences International Certification Plans

Cannabix Technologies Inc., developer of breath testing devices for law enforcement and the workplace reports that it has completed preliminary third-party testing on its Contactless Alcohol Breathalyzer (“CAB”) wall mounted device. The CAB device is part of the Company’s portfolio of marijuana and alcohol screening devices. The Company will be selecting a new product name for the CAB and create new product branding in the coming weeks. Cannabix Technologies began as a UF startup, utilizing technology created by Chemistry Professor Richard Yost.