U.S. Department of Defense

Capri EGM Build-to-Suit Program Acquires Life Science Real Estate Asset for Company Manufacturing Antibodies for Department of Defense and mRNA for COVID-19 Vaccine

UF startup Ology Bioservices, a wholly owned subsidiary of Resilience, and the operator of the Lab & Research facility, has recently been awarded contract valued as much as $250 million by the Department of Defense for manufacturing development of a monoclonal antibody as a medical countermeasure (MCM) to botulinum neurotoxins (BoNT).

Resilience Acquires Biologics Manufacturing Company Ology Bioservices

Resilience, a company building the world’s most advanced biopharmaceutical manufacturing ecosystem, announced it has acquired Ology Bioservices, Inc., a privately held company that also specializes in biologic drug substance manufacturing from early-stage through commercial products.