Rain Neuromorphics

1000X More Efficient Neural Networks: Building an Artificial Brain With 86 Billion Physical (but Not Biological) Neurons

What if in our attempt to build artificial intelligence we don’t simulate neurons in code and mimic neural networks in Python, but instead build actual physical neurons connected by physical synapses in ways very similar to our own biological brains? That’s precisely what UF startup Rain Neuromorphics, is trying to do: build a non-biological yet very human-style artificial brain.

Rain Neuromorphics Tapes Out Demo Chip for Analog AI

UF startup and UF Innovate | Accelerate graduate Rain Neuromorphics, which incubated at The Hub, has taped out a demonstration chip for its brain-inspired analog architecture that employs a 3D array of randomly-connected memristors to compute neural network training and inference at extremely low power.