Nathan Boyd

UF Uses Artificial Intelligence To Detect Poison Ivy

Researchers at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Gulf Coast Research Center are using AI to identify poison ivy, which causes rashes on up to 50 million people each year. Nathan Boyd, researcher and professor of horticultural sciences, led the research alongside post-doctoral researcher Renato Herrig, who designed the mobile app. Designed as a tool for hikers and those working outdoors, the app uses a camera to identify poison ivy in real time and works without an internet connection.

Robots May Eventually Help Kill Weeds That Impede Strawberry Yield

Think of University of Florida scientists Nathan Boyd and Arnold Schumann a bit like surgeons. Except, in this case, their operating room is a strawberry field. With their research, Boyd and Schumann hope to eventually help growers unleash surgical strikes on weeds – without vanquishing their fruit.