Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC)

Fighting the Growing Threat of Crime and Violence in the Retail Space

On February 29, retail industry leaders from 47 corporations across the nation convened at the University of Florida for the Inegrate Summit, hosted by the Loss Prevention Research Council, delving into strategies to combat the growing challenges from theft, fraud, and violence in retail spaces. This year's event focused on the threat of an active shooter incident.

UF Spearheads Nationwide Effort To Combat Retail Theft

UF researcher and criminologist Read Hayes, Ph.D., is bringing shoplifting scenarios to the lab. Hayes leads the Loss Prevention Research Council, or LPRC, a community of researchers, retailers, solution partners, manufacturers, law enforcement professionals, and more working to make the world a safer place for shoppers and businesses.

Stopping Shoplifting? Researchers at UF Lab Think Like a Shoplifter To Deter, Detect Costly Crime

Dr. Read Hayes, a criminologist and research scientist at the University of Florida's Wertheim College of Engineering FLEX (Florida Engineering Experiment Station), is finding new ways to deter shoplifters. Dr. Hayes directs the Loss Prevention Research Council, an active community of researchers, retailers, law enforcement and more working towards a safer world for shoppers and businesses.

Tech Tuesday: LPRC

In this Tech Tuesday, UF Innovate host Melanie Morón introduces us to Dr. Read Hayes, the director of LPRC, a company here in Gainesville working with major retail corporations to detect and prevent theft, fraud, and violence.

Tech Tuesday: LPRC Exhibits New Innovations in Combatting Shoplifting

In this week's Tech Tuesday, UF Innovate's Lauren Asmus talks with Read Hayes of Loss Prevention Research Council. LRPC has a high-tech lab inside of UF Innovate | The Hub in which it works to better understand the theft, fraud, and violence issues companies such as Target and Home Depot face and create precise solutions for them.

Why Hundreds of Retail Thefts Are Going Unreported in Bay Area

Dr. Read Hayes, a research scientist and criminologist at the University of Florida, conducted a study on retail crime. He said in many cases, especially in urban centers, stores don’t contact authorities because there are simply too many thefts for police to respond to every time.

Shoplifters Cost Stores Billions. UF Professor Speaks on How AI Can Help Curb Store Theft and Fraud

Read Hayes, Ph.D. is a world-renowned expert on the science of stealing from department and grocery stores. Based in FLEX in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, he works with engineering and computer science faculty to help design programs that can identify shoplifters. He is also the director of UF Innovate | Accelerate at The Hub resident company Loss Prevention Research Council, which works with more than 70 major retail chains by providing them with innovative loss- and crime-control solutions.