Gulf Coast Research and Education Center

Interest Continues To Brew for Hops Grown Fresh From Florida

University of Florida scientists showed off the latest research results from their studies on hops during a field day event held at the Gulf Coast Research and Education Center (GCREC) in Balm. Craft beer connoisseurs want to know about taste and aroma, and UF/IFAS researchers see an increase in alpha acid in the hops they grow. That acid indicates bitterness.

UF Scientist Works on Improving Tomato Production, Size

Florida growers produced 606 million pounds of fresh-market tomatoes last year, which brought in $463 million in revenue. But with competition from places like Mexico, farmers are always looking for an edge – to grow more and bigger fruit. That’s why University of Florida scientist Tong Geon Lee spends countless hours in his lab and fields looking for the right combination of genes to expand the size of individual tomatoes and to help growers increase their yields.

Gator Pale Ale Becomes First Beer Brewed Using Hops Grown Only in Florida

Scientists at UF's Gulf Coast Research and Education Center are trying to produce hops that can be grown under Florida conditions. "We are trying to find out not just if we can grow this crop, but we are trying to find out if it is going to be cost-effective," said Dr. Shinsuke Agehara, the lead UF researcher on the project.