David Ostrov

Can Milk Cure COVID-19? Not Exactly, but a New Treatment Shows Promise

College of Medicine researcher Dr. David Ostrov wrote this opinion piece for The Hill after his discovery of a potential therapy or preventative for COVID became public knowledge: “Got milk? Cure COVID” was a meme that started circulating after one of our discoveries from the University of Florida went public. It playfully highlighted a major medical milestone: We had found a combination of two over-the-counter products that could inhibit 99 percent of SARS-CoV-2 replication in human lung cells, and one of them was milk-based.

UF Health Researcher, Collaborators Discover Compounds That Might Boost Stroke Recovery

When a patient suffers a stroke, oxygen-starved brain cells begin dying within minutes. In these crucial moments, the brain produces a vital catalyst to protect itself and aid in recovery. That catalyst — an enzyme known as neurolysin — activates a cascade of chemical messengers that reduce cell damage, swelling and inflammation in the brain. Now, a University of Florida Health researcher and his collaborators at Texas Tech University and other universities have discovered two compounds that appear to make the brain-protecting enzyme even more effective.

UF Health Study Will Examine Drugs To Treat Coronavirus UK Variant

Researchers say they aren't surprised by the coronavirus's ability to mutate, but they are working on ways to stop the spread. UF Associate Professor of Pathology David A. Ostrov's discovery about the UK variant has identified 40 candidate drugs that could serve as additional tools in the fight against COVID.