Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday: Fire Neural Network

In this week’s Tech Tuesday, UF Innovate host Bethany Gaffey speaks with the CEO of Fire Neural Network about how artificial intelligence is helping to prevent the spread of wildfire.

Tech Tuesday: Desigators

In this week’s Tech Tuesday for WCJB TV20, UF Innovate’s Bethany Gaffey interviews recent graduate Alexander Weaver from the University of Florida...
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Tech Tuesday: Cade Prize 2024

The annual Cade Prize is accepting applications from inventors and early-stage startups. In this week's Tech Tuesday on TV20 WCJB, Bethany Gaffey discusses the competition with Cade Museum CEO Bradley Gamble.

Tech Tuesday: AIBL Tech

In this week's Tech Tuesday, Bethany Gaffey interviews Yuliia Hrynchenko, the COO of AIBL Tech, a local startup focusing on accessible smart prosthetics. The company was founded right here at the University of Florida’s College of Engineering.

Tech Tuesday: CamoReady

In this week’s Tech Tuesday, UF Innovate and SCAD Media go “under cover”, almost literally, as students at the University of Florida find a way to help the U.S. military camouflage their vehicles

Tech Tuesday: BioFlorida

In this week's Tech Tuesday for WCJB TV20, UF Innovate's Bethany Gaffey interviews Mark Glickman, president and CEO of BioFlorida, a statewide organization dedicated to connecting the life sciences across Florida.
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