Sara Dagen

National Science Foundation Director Visits UF

The director of the National Science Foundation, one of the country’s largest and most impactful federal research agencies, visited the University of Florida last week to discuss opportunities for university researchers as well as the agency’s priorities and vision.

Researcher Gains New Insight Into How Cells Sense, Address Protein-Building Malfunctions

The process of how cells sense a glitch and begin repairs so the machinery can return to its protein-building job — as well as how cells dispose of the aberrant proteins produced by the glitch — has become clearer due to the work of Scripps Florida professor Claudio Joazeiro, Ph.D., and his collaborators. The findings were published in the journal Nature on March 9.

Surgalign Appoints David Lyle As Chief Financial Officer

Surgalign Holdings, a global medical technology company focused on elevating the standard of care by driving the evolution of digital health, announced the appointment of David Lyle, as Chief Financial Officer, effective immediately. Surgalign acquired UF startup and Sid Martin Biotech alum RTI Surgical in 2020.
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