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UF Health Recognized As National Leader for Treatment of Rare Inherited Disorder

UF Health has become one of only 40 VHL Alliance Clinical Care Centers in the United States. The VHL Alliance is made up of leading healthcare organizations that specialize in treating von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) syndrome, a rare inherited disorder associated with tumors. Hans Shuhaiber, M.D., a clinical assistant professor in the department of neurology in the UF College of Medicine and a member of the UF Health Cancer Center, said this recognition will ensure patients have access to the best treatment when they come to UF Health.

Motivating Luddites Toward AI-Augmented Healthcare

Dr. Parisa Rashidi, an associate professor of Biomedical Engineering in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering at the University of Florida is advocating congress to fast-track broader AI use in the healthcare sector. She presented her expert insights twice during congressional briefings on regulating use of AI in healthcare last summer. In these presentations, she presented her opinion that medical AI should receive unfettered support. This comes from her experience as the co-director of the Intelligent Clinical Care Center (IC3) at UF where she works with AI and the human-centered healthcare system.

Tech Tuesday – Satlantis

In this week's Tech Tuesday for WCJB TV20, UF Innovate's Loren Miranda speaks with Aitor Moriñigo Muñoz, Executive Vice President of Satlantis, LLC, a local space tech company producing microsatellites and imaging technology.

UF Spearheads Nationwide Effort To Combat Retail Theft

UF researcher and criminologist Read Hayes, Ph.D., is bringing shoplifting scenarios to the lab. Hayes leads the Loss Prevention Research Council, or LPRC, a community of researchers, retailers, solution partners, manufacturers, law enforcement professionals, and more working to make the world a safer place for shoppers and businesses.

Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit Comes to UF Health Surgeon’s Rescue

UF Health's Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit came to the rescue for Paul C Dell, MD, when he suffered a stroke at his home. Dr. Dell, an orthopaedic hand surgeon working at UF Health for 46 years, was sitting in a chair, unable to speak coherently or say his own name. The MSTU was at the scene in under 10 minutes, as their unit is wired into 911 dispatch. The team conducted a CT scan of Dr. Dell's brain in the driveway and assessed him for treatment while en route to the UF Health Neuromedicine Hospital.

New Tool for Assessing Dehydration Is Built for Global Deployment

UF Health researchers teamed up with Brown University and researchers in Bangladesh to create FluidCalc, a tool that utilizes an algorithm to determine a patient's dehydration and calculates how much fluid they need. This tool is aimed at treating dehydration caused by diarrhea, which kills more than 1 million people each year. Until now, there hasn't been an easy-to-use tool for assessing dehydration.

Third International Kratom Symposium Draws Experts From Across the Globe

Faculty from the University of Florida joined kratom scientists from around the world the Third International Kratom Symposium held in Orlando from Feb. 14-15. Hosted by the UF College of Pharmacy, the symposium featured botanists, chemists, pharmacologists, and public health experts as they exchanged ideas and discussed the most pressing issues concerning kratom's use internationally and in the West. Oliver Grundmann, Ph.D., professor of medicinal chemistry and co-director of the symposium, said this event provides a unique opportunity to tackle the challenges around research and regulation of kratom.

Oragenics CEO Stepping Down

UF Innovate | Accelerate Sid Martin graduate company Oragenics announced on Monday that their CEO, Kimberly Murphy, would be stepping down. Murphy and the company said they had come to a mutual separation agreement. The board appointed Michael Redmond, company president, as interim "principal executive officer". Murphy served as CEO since June 2022, and the company said the decision was not the result of a disagreement. She has been on the board for Oragenics since 2020 and previously served as vice president of GSK, where she helped develop vaccines for influenza and shingles.

Bin Gao Named Fulbright Scholar

Bin Gao, a professor in the UF Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, has been named as a Fulbright Scholar and will carry out his Fulbright duties focusing on agricultural and biological engineering in Brazil. Gao's research focuses on water quality and environmental sustainability, encompassing a broad range of topics including environmental and water resources engineering, environmental nanotechnology, biochar technology, contaminant hydrology, and hydrologic modeling.

Tech Tuesday – Gainesville Tech Week

In this week’s Tech Tuesday for WCJB TV20, UF Innovate’s Loren Miranda speaks with Justis Mendez, co-founder of venture capital firm OneSixOne ventures as he gives insight into Gainesville Tech Week. The week is a time to celebrate the tech startup ecosystem in Gainesville.