President’s Office Announces $5.4 Million for Strategic Funding Awardees (UF News)

President’s Office Announces $5.4 Million for Strategic Funding Awardees

An AI-enabled digital imaging platform for treating cancer, a software tool for leveraging the capabilities of UF’s HiPerGator supercomputer, an initiative to improve healthcare in Jacksonville and statewide, and a program to enhance funding for the arts are among seven new projects receiving strategic funding at the University of Florida, President Ben Sasse announced today. The funding initiative is designed to advance the student experience and interdisciplinary scholarship. 

“These proposals will help take UF to the next level. Each of these bold initiatives will enhance the future of Florida and the world,” Sasse said. “We’re committed to being both elite and practical. I couldn’t be prouder of the way our incredible units at UF are putting this strategic funding to good use. We want to tackle big challenges and these projects are the kind of ambitious, interdisciplinary, and collaborative work that only a large, comprehensive, land-grant university like ours can do.” 

The Innovation Hub for Urban Pest Management at UF/IFAS will receive funding to support Florida’s $2.2 billion agricultural sector and the UF College of the Arts will receive funding for their Arts Impact Engine, an initiative to grow the college’s research team and improve funding opportunities. Other colleges and departments received awards as well, with funding timelines ranging from one year to four.

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