NovaBone's New Bioactive Glass Syringe for Foot & Ankle (The Clanton Advertiser)

NovaBone’s New Bioactive Glass Syringe for Foot & Ankle

NovaBone Products launches a first foot and ankle-specific syringe delivery system for its bioactive glass delivery system.

UF startup NovaBone Products, leader in synthetic biologics, announced the Alachua, Florida, company has made commercially available a new syringe for targeted delivery of its 45S5 bioactive glass putty device for the foot and ankle market. The newly launched syringe comes in both a 2.5cc and a 5cc formulation.

“We are excited to provide our foot and ankle surgeons with a specific solution to deliver our best-in-class synthetic putty to their patients. This is NovaBone’s first product specifically designed for the foot and ankle market. Along with our NovaForm Wound Matrix clearance earlier this year, this shows our commitment to diversifying our portfolio, leveraging our Bioactive Glass manufacturing expertise, and providing surgeons in multiple specialties with solutions best suited for their patients.” said Sean Finnerty, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at NovaBone.

NovaBone’s Putty, cleared by the FDA in 2006, is a highly effective bone graft substitute that closely mimics the mineral composition of natural bone. NovaBone provides an ideal environment for new bone formation, facilitating the integration of graft material and host tissue.

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