Keselowsky & Hudalla Receive $3.8M Grant From NIH NIAID (UF Dept. of BME)

UF Innovate Researchers Secure $3.8M NIH Grant To Combat Psoriasis

UF Innovate Inventors, Dr. Benjamin Keselowsky (PI), Dr. Gregory Hudalla (Co-I), and their collaborators have received a $3.8M grant from the NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The grant aims to address the problem of psoriasis, a chronic auto-inflammatory disease that causes irreversible damage to the skin.

Current treatments involve suppressing the immune system, which can have serious side effects and make patients more susceptible to infections. Unfortunately, psoriasis has no permanent cure, and patients need continuous treatment. Therefore, there is a clear need for more advanced therapeutics for this condition.

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