Entrinsic Bioscience Announces Tool with Potential for Development of New Therapies Addressing Constipation

Entrinsic Bioscience Announces Tool with Potential for Development of New Therapies Addressing Constipation

Entrinsic Bioscience announces a tool to measure intestinal peristalsis that could lead to the development of therapeutic agents for constipation, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Constipation (IBS-C). University of Florida researcher Dr. Sadasivan Vidyasagar, founder and chairman of the company’s scientific advisory board, recently shared a tool to better measure peristalsis and the interactions of intraluminal pressure, muscle contraction, and changes in fluid volume at the Experimental Biology 2022 conference held in Philadelphia.

Peristalsis is a collective process of intestinal muscle contractions that moves food through the gastrointestinal tract. Though it has been extensively studied, the qualitative analysis of peristaltic propulsion is not fully understood because no definitive tool exists. The lack of a tool has limited drug discovery in the field of constipation, including IBS-C.

Vidyasagar and his team, which included researchers from UF and Entrinsic Bioscience, used directional lighting, field-imaging as well as pressure recordings to measure net peristaltic activity.

Stephen J Gatto, chairman and CEO of Entrinsic Bioscience, congratulated Anusree Sasidharan and the rest of Dr. Vidyasagar’s team for their continued commitment to driving innovative ways to assess the gastrointestinal tract.

“The team’s presentation highlights our ability to better measure gut peristalsis and lays out the path for future treatment regimens that can address opioid-induced chronic constipation as well a non-PEG-based approach to acute constipation and IBS-C. Gut peristalsis abnormalities are central to a broad array of common medical conditions, such as constipation and inflammatory bowel disease.”

“Being able to manipulate GI segments and assessing the effects may revolutionize how we look at peristaltic issues on secretion/absorption uptake,” Gatto continued. “These elegant techniques, we expect will allow for the rapid development of our RxAA therapies to treat constipation and IBS.”

Vidyasagar also presented a poster on a tool his lab has developed to better measure intestinal peristalsis and the interactions of intraluminal pressure, muscle contraction, and changes in fluid volume.

“Our team has developed a novel modality for understanding peristalsis and gut mucosal functionality. The role of SAA as RxAAs is showing promise as we unlock the mechanisms for chronic constipation, IBS, and other GI-related diseases,” said Dr. William Denman, Chief Medical Advisor to Entrinsic Bioscience. “This work is still early stage but represents a significant step forward in the development of solutions to a number of digestive diseases.”

Entrinsic Bioscience is a UF startup located in UF Innovate | Accelerate at Sid Martin Biotech in Alachua. The company is developing all-natural, glucose-free formulations for clinical hydration, gut health and wellness, allergies, and skincare.

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