‘More Than a Grade for Your Hard Work’: Students Learn & Earn with FlashMonkey Software (UF Innovate)

‘More Than a Grade for Your Hard Work’: Students Learn & Earn with FlashMonkey Software

‘Everything but the kitchen sink’ study software offers new features, integrations

Gainesville, Fla., February 1, 2022 — Flashmonkey Inc., a software development company located at UF Innovate | Accelerate at The Hub, today released version 1.2.1 of its software. The product is a scientifically-based online learning platform that helps both students and educators organize and monetize their notes and lectures. 

“Flashmonkey provides a product that is unparalleled in this market. This isn’t your average digital flashcard for purchase,” says Lowell Stadelman, Flashmonkey Inc. CEO. “The smart platform helps users master their subjects in the way they best learn. The flashcards have abundant features that bring the learning experience to life. And the community aspect allows users to connect with notes from trusted peers and highly ranked users – which really creates a relevant and trustworthy system for seeking new information.” 

Version 1.2.1 features several major upgrades for the product, including: 

  • ‘More than a Grade for Your Hard Work’: Knowledge has actual value in the real world. Students pay tuition, companies pay for training, and it costs significant money. On FlashMonkey, students and educators can earn cash from what they already do well. Their knowledge has value and its earnings stretch into the long run as well. As notes are updated and sold by future users, original content producers will continue to receive a financial share. 
  • Smart Note Taking and Organization: The note taking and data storage component of the software features a “super” flashcard style organizing system that allows users to easily organize and access their information. Each flashcard or note segment allows everything from general text to video, annotations, drawings, pronunciations of words, and more. Upgraded features for the latest version include cloud synchronization and one-click snapshots to quickly insert the professor’s whiteboard explanations.
  • Transparent and Reliable Information: Users can choose to keep their information completely private or opt in to the platform’s ecosystem, similar to social networks, which allows students to see if notes have been created by mutual acquaintances, such as classmates or friends. The platform allows notes to be updated over time, a review system by other users, and data on how frequently the materials have been used or purchased. With the new upgrade, students can now quickly share their decks with their classmates using QR codes and hash-links.

Flashmonkey’s platform employs several core learning theories: constructivism, how people construct knowledge based on the foundation of what they already know; cognitivism, how people essentially “file” and retrieve information in their brains; connectivism, how people connect dots between all that information; and behaviorism, or what incentivizes people to learn. 

“In essence, our product works in a way that intuitively helps people learn in a style that is best for them,” says Valeriya Kalkina. Ph.D., cofounder and VP of Learning. 

As a resident client of UF Innovate | Accelerate at The Hub, Flashmonkey Inc. is an example of how the UF Innovate attracts nationwide talent with its affordable, professional, and community-minded facilities and programming. 

“As an award-winning and globally recognized entrepreneurship program operated through the University of Florida’s commercialization arm (UF Innovate), a Top Five public university in the country, we are thrilled to be a part of helping companies in the educational technology space grow and thrive,” says Karl R. LaPan, director of UF Innovate | Accelerate. “The success of companies like Flashmonkey directly translates to the success of not only our state’s entrepreneurial economy, but also its students, Florida’s and the country’s future workforce.”

About UF Innovate | Accelerate 

UF Innovate | Accelerate is the overarching entrepreneurship support program that includes Sid Martin Biotech, the globally recognized biotechnology incubator headquartered in Alachua, Florida, at Progress Park, and The Hub, the award-winning mixed-used incubator in the Gainesville, Florida, Innovation District. The incubation facilities have been honored with nine national and international awards for incubator excellence and achievements in technology commercialization, funding access, job creation, and technology-based economic development. UF Innovate | Accelerate is dedicated to mentoring and accelerating the growth of innovative early-stage bioscience and technology companies and supporting the economic growth of the North Central Florida region. For more information, visit UF Innovate.


Karl R. LaPan, Director  
UF Innovate | Accelerate


Lowell Stadelman, CEO
FlashMonkey Inc.