Cannabix: Developing a Solution for Outdated Marijuana Testing (Globe Newswire)

Cannabix: Developing a Solution for Outdated Marijuana Testing

As we all know, the evolving legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in the United States and Canada is taking us into uncharted territory. As more laws allow the use of this drug, it is well-worth considering how this will impact the safety of drivers, including whether our current methods of testing for THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound largely responsible for the high that marijuana users experience) are really as fair and relevant as we need them to be. This is no small issue, as studies are revealing that drug-impaired driving is growing in both countries.

Here, then, is the question: when a law enforcement officer at the scene of a crash administers a THC blood-test to see if a driver is impaired, will that test provide an accurate picture of the driver’s impairment? The answer – that we are, in fact, relying on an outdated form of testing that is not always accurate – should concern anyone who cares about keeping drivers safe. It concerns the team of UF startup Cannabix Technologies Inc., a Canadian company that is developing marijuana breathalyzer technology, and they believe their innovations will help law enforcement officers detect THC-impairment of drivers, ultimately making it easier to prosecute offenders.

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