BYPPOCampus Connects Students Through Food (The Independent Florida Alligator)

BYPPOCampus Connects Students Through Food

BYPPOCampus plans to change how people interact with food delivery by highlighting the power of networking. 

In the primetime of DoorDash and UberEats, face-to-face interactions can be lost. Sometimes the only evidence of an exchange is a brown paper to-go bag left at your door along with accumulated debt.

Founder of UF Innovate | The Hub resident BYPPOCampus Victoria Liu said the goal of the delivery service is to connect students through food, especially after the pandemic. “As freshmen, you’re probably really scared coming to school for the first time, you know, post-pandemic, and you’re not really sure how to meet people,” she said.

Debuting this Fall, the BYPPO food delivery service capitalizes on being “for students, by students.” BYPPOCampus hires students to be “hippo hustlers” to deliver food from local restaurants in an eco-friendly way. Students are encouraged to deliver food by walking, biking or using a scooter.

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