Optimizing Care of Critical Patients With AI (Update UFIT)

Optimizing Care of Critical Patients With AI

The 2020 HiPerGator Symposium focuses on active research applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at UF. Providing the keynote is Azra Bihorac, MD, MS, FCCM, FASN, the R. Glenn Davis Professor of Medicine, Surgery and Anesthesiology.

“I am excited about participating in HiPerGator Symposium this year,” wrote Bihorac. “Since it is set up as a virtual platform, it will be unique and in many ways an enriching experience. Our research group brings cutting edge AI in the context of highly meaningful medical research for critically ill patients. I am excited to invigorate post-doctoral and graduate students at UF about our research and inspire them to join us.”

Registration for the 2020 HiPerGator Symposium is free and open to the UF community: https://informatics.research.ufl.edu/hipergator-symposium-2020-registration/.

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